The eyebrows are the quintessential thumbprint of the face, framing the face like no other feature can. The brows are often neglected and ignored; they are often butchered and abused. It is my ultimate goal to save the brow from further punishment by educating women (and men alike) about their specific brow's anatomy, and teach how to shape their specific brow-line, maintaining their eyebrow's integrity. I only HAND TWEEZE when shaping, I never, EVER, wax the face or thread. Waxing the face compromises skin's elasticity by pulling on the delicate epidermal tissue. Moreover, you cannot manipulate the shape of the eyebrow with waxing or threading (in my opinion). The only way to maintain the brow's true identity is by HAND SHAPING. Does it take 10 minutes like a wax job? Absolutely not. Meticulous precision takes time, so expect to sit in my chair for up to 45 minutes during your first visit, and up to 35-40 minutes for each subsequent visit. My coveted custom blended brow-tinting technique is included with this service, so expect your perfectly shaped & tinted brows to last you upwards of 2 weeks.

-Eye Brow Shaping & Styling, NEW client....................$55 (hand-tweeze only, 45 minute session. Includes my custom brow tinting).

-Eye Brow Shaping & Styling, Existing client................$45 (hand-tweeze only, 35 minute session. Includes my custom brow tinting).



ELECTROLYSIS: (permanent hair removal)

Electrolysis is permanent epilation and is the only permanent form of hair removal approved by the FDA. It is a procedure whereby a micro-probe is inserted into the hair follicle and a small current of energy is introduced, in an effort to expire the hair's blood supply. I use a TS-1 Thermolysis machine by Ficsher because it was the machine I was taught with and is the machine that my Electrology mentor has used for the past 30 years (don't worry, I have the 2014 model). It works great and is effective during treatment. I work within the client's comfort threshold, therefore, I always recommend a thorough (free) consultation prior to treatment. I've practiced Electrology for several years, but I have 26 years of  beauty industry eperience and, more importantly, I am passionate about the follicle and about my craft. I take pride in my work and I strive to target as many hairs as possible within the aloted time.  As an Esthetician, my main priority is to maintain the health of the skin, therefore, I locate the appropriate setting to treat the hair follicle effectively yet low enough to not compromise the skin's health. As a triple-licensed professional, you can be sure that your follicles are in expert hands with me. You can read more about my theory on Electrology, as well as my Post Treatment Protocol by clicking on the "Facts About Electrolysis" link above.

**Electrolysis.................................................................................................................$35  (15 minute session)

​                                                                                   $65 (30 minute session)​

​                                                                                   $90 (45 minute session)

                                                                                   $115 (60 minute session)

(5 and 10 minute sessions also available) 


"Micro Blading" (hand-tool method), or "Powder Shaded" (Machine Method)...............$550      

This is Custom Eyebrow Design at it's finest. For details about this procedure as well as before and after photos, click on the "Permanent Makeup" tab above. (a $150 deposit fee is required to secure your session. A 24 hour notice of cancellation is required to avoid service fees. See the box, on the right, for details). 

"Permanent Eyeliner" or "Lash Line Enhancement": Imagine waking up with perfectly placed smokey black pigment on your lash line. This is TRULY the definition of "waking up with make-up"!

Lash Line Enhancement......................$400 

Permanent Eyeliner (includes the Lash Line Enhancement)........$500

(a $150 deposit fee is required to secure your session. A 24 hour notice o cancellation is required to avoid service fees. See box to the right for details). 

Rose only uses the finest quality American-made pigments: Li Pigments and Perma Blend (by World Famous Inks) Pigments

See the menu to the right for my post-procedure follow-up protocol & fee schedule.

TATTOO LIGHTNING ...................$300 per session (1-5 sessions expected for successful treatment; Rose will not exceed 5 sessions. Sessions are up to one hour). By appointment only. Although I do not call this method "tattoo removal", I have been successful at "removing" botched Micro-Blading work as well as old permanent makeup. My ultimate goal is to LIFT as much of the pigment, out of the skin, as possible. This method can also lift your unwanted vanity tattoos as well. This method is a non-laser, natural saline method (using a hypertonic solution) that can help you get rid of unwanted ink. Unlike laser removal which can compromise the integrity of the skin, my gentle lifting method will allow the skin to accept new pigment once it has properly healed., lifting the pigment through the process of osmosis. 

Private consultation recommended prior to any Permanent Cosmetic procedure.


-Pro MAKE-UP Technique Master Class: Learn my tricks of the trade including skin-care, custom contouring techniques, my coveted brow tips, the classic smokey eye or an easy everyday look. I will show you how to work the angles of your face to achieve a flawless look. I'll customize the perfect color palette for your skin tone and teach you the essential brushes needed in every beauty arsenal. Whether you're a mom who never learned how to properly apply make-up or a teen who is learning for the first time, or a group of girls wanting to get together to learn some new make-up tricks, let my 26 years of experience show you how to manipulate your facial features and add luminosity to your skin with the use of color, shadow and light. I'll also analyze your skin and prescribe a custom skin-care regime to work within your budget. 

-Pro MAKE-UP Technique Master Class, 2-6 persons............................$150 per person (120-240 minutes). ("How-To" make-up manual, written by me, included in the class. Individual or group classes offered..)

-ONE-ON-ONE Private Pro Make-Up Class (120-180 minutes)...........................................$300

-Pro CONTOUR Technique Master Class:The genesis of my training was born on the Theatrical stage, where I mastered the art of facial contouring. Whether you want to accentuate your cheekbones, define your jawline or create the illusion of a fuller lip, the art of facial contouring is the only way to achieve these corrective effects. Contouring is NOT one size fits all, therefore, in my master class I will teach you how to contour the specific curves and angles of your face, and address the precise areas that you would like to manipulate..

-Pro CONTOUR Technique Master Class, 2-6 persons........................$120 per person (120-150 minutes) Individual or group classes offered.  (One-on-One Private Contouring Class...........$200). Contour Kit included.

-Pro EYE SHADOW Application Master Class: I'm a self-proclaimed eye shadow master. Allow my technically skilled experience as a Make-up Artist show you how to create various eye shadow looks that suit your specific face, eyes and life style. Whether it's an office-appropriate look, an everyday look or a smoldering smokey eye, I will show you what brushes to use, what type of shadows to use, what colors work best on you and how to make that shadow last all day.

-Pro EYE SHADOW Application Master Class.......................................$120 per person (120-150 minutes) Individual or group classes offered. (One-on-One Private Eye Shadow Class............$200)


                                                -All Services are By Appointment Only-

A deposit fee of $150 is required in order to secure your PMU appointment; this deposit will be applied towards the procedure. If the client cancels the appointment less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment, NO REFUNDS will be given.  Rose has a wait list for her PMU services, therefore, her 24 hour "notice of cancellation" policy is strictly enforced.

Procedure Fee
Permanent Eyebrows: Microblading or Machine Method......$550
Touch-Up Fees
$100......First touch-up, 2-4 months post procedure

  $100...........1 year after the 1st touch-up 
..........2 years AFTER the 1st touch-up     

   $300..........3 years after the first touch-up     

Full Price after 4 Years (current procedure rate will apply).