PERMANENT MAKE-UP  AKA: PMU, Micro-Blading, Feather-Stroke Brows, Eyebrow Embroidery, Micro Pigmentation, Dermal Tattooing, Cosmetic Tattooing...regardless of what it's called, you need to understand that it is ALL a "TATTOO". Permanent Makeup is an “art”, it is not a science. It is a semi-invasive procedure that should only be performed by a knowledgeable, experienced and licensed practitioner, where universal precautions are practiced and enforced. There are various external factors that may affect the dermal-pigment-implants (see below). If the client is receiving a “color correction” on a procedure that was originally performed by another technician, the probability of the pigment changing back to the original color increases. Therefore, clients with previous PMU may be referred to my consulting doctor for laser removal, prior to moving forward with my PMU service.  I only have control over my own practice and protocol, and have no control over the pigments and tools that the original practitioner used during the original procedure. 

I am a licensed Tattoo Artist, a licensed Aesthetician and a licensed Electrologist. As a multi-licensed professional, with countless additional hours of training under my belt, I understand the biology of the skin, as well as the process and complex technique of implanting pigment into the dermis. I pride myself by using the finest quality, American-made professional pigments on the market (see below). My machine, the Nouveau Contour Intelligent, is one of the most elite digital, cosmetic tattoo machines in the world, which precisely and safely implants pigment into the Reticular Dermis. Note that Permanent Make-up, whether it is implanted using a machine or a hand-tool (Micro-Blade), is indeed a Tattoo implanted in the dermal layers of the skin. I exercise universal precautions with regard to blood borne pathogens, therefore, I always execute very high sanitation and sterilization standards in my practice. My facility is fully licensed under the State of Florida Department of Health, where I have met and exceeded all standards of excellence and exceed OSHA standards. I have gotten to know the representatives of my local Health Department and have volunteered my time to educate their staff on what exactly Permanent Makeup is, as well as all of the various methods of execution. I do this in an effort to maintain high standards within my beloved industry, where so many non-licensed individuals have begun to practice, compromising the elite integrity of the Permanent Makeup Community.


Once the procedure is complete and the client walks out of my office, I have absolutely no control over how the his/her body will respond to the pigment implanted. Moreover, I have absolutely no control over the client’s lifestyle with regard to their sun exposure, medications they take, foods they eat, liquids they drink or health issues they deal with, which all may compromise the pigment implants.  Direct sun exposure to the treated area may affect the longevity of the pigment in the skin, therefore I always recommend to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to their eyebrows after the skin has healed, post procedure.  The integrity of the cosmetic tattoo is 100% dependent upon perpetual after-care…”perpetual” as in a consistent, daily routine. 

I only use elite, professional-grade, American-made pigments in my studio: Li Pigments and Perma Blend Pigments. The Micro-Blading tools I use are "Tina Davies Professional", one of the most elite tools in my industry. I typically use a combination method of implantation when working on "micro stroke brows", therefore, it is not uncommon for me to combine my machine method with the micro-blade method, but not always. My design protocol is customized based on the client's expectations and my professional opinion as an artist. 

Immediately upon treatment, your tattoo will be about 30% darker than it will appear after it heals within 8 weeks (more or less). If you notice variations in consistency during the 8 week healing phase, be patient. It takes time for the pigment to settle into the dermis as the skin is healing. Avoid smoking, taking aspirin and consuming alcohol for at least 48 hours post treatment (basically, avoid anything that thins the blood, unless you're on a doctor regulated medication of course). Remember, the process of implanting pigment is invasive, therefore, tiny injuries were created during the procedure which may account for tenderness the first few days. Whilst the area is healing, it will begin to itch (after a few days) and will crust and begin to flake-off; this is normal. PLEASE RESIST the urge to “pick” at the skin; this WILL ABSOLUTELY AFFECT THE END RESULT and your tattoo will NOT heal properly. The skin must naturally slough off and shed on its own. Cool dry compresses can be placed on the treated area on day 1-3 to reduce inflammation. It is important to note that when the client leaves my office, the skin is open, therefore avoid touching the area, especially when out in public, to prevent infection and encourage healthy healing. I provide my clients with three pages of detailed post-care instructions and I am always available to answer questions.

EYEBROW POST-CARE: After the procedure, a liquid barrier will be applied to seal the brows to prevent infection and promote healing. Blot the brows, using a lint-free disposable towel, every 5 minutes post procedure on day 1 only. This blotting method will absorb the lymph and serum, and will minimize crusting; remember, "the more you ooze, the more you loose". Before bedtime, on day 1, gently wash the brows with a mild cleanser (like Dial soap or Cetaphil). Avoid any cleansers containing acids or abrasives, then blot the brows dry with a tissue or a papertowel. After the brows are blotted dry, gently massage in a "tip of a toothpick" amount of Aquafor, you do not want to apply too much ointment as this will compromise healing. Continue washing the eyebrows morning and night, blotting dry and applying Aquafor until the scabs fall of NATURALLY (7-10 days). Do not pick at the scabs, as this will lift the pigment implants. 

After 8 weeks post procedure, the pigment that you see in the mirror is the fully healed end result, in terms of color and depth of placement. As mentioned earlier, the initial application will lighten as the upper layers of the epidermis exfoliate and the skin cells turn over. An 8-week "touch up session" is essential to properly execute the design. It is at this time that the client may choose to darken the color, add more hair-strokes or lengthen the tails a bit. To achieve great results, the client must understand that permanent makeup is a process.

IT'S CALLED "PERMANENT MAKE-UP" SO WILL IT LAST FOREVER? The answer is "MAYBE YES, MAYBE NO", I cannot guarantee how the pigment will respond in your skin, over time. However expect the pigment to most-likely gradually fade over time. Every individual is unique, therefore, I cannot guarantee how "crisp and fresh" the pigment will last. Most of my "powdered/shaded" client's eyebrows (not "hair-stroke micro-blade") will typically last about 4-5 years before a touch-up.  Exposure to the sun's UV rays causes permanent makeup pigment to break down, therefore, it is important to apply a daily SPF to the brows, to preserve the longevity of the pigment.  IMPORTANT FACT TO BE AWARE OF: My "Hair Stroke Brow" technique, although coveted, will NOT have the same longevity as my "Powder/Shaded Brow", they will fade much faster. For this I have a specific touch-up plan in place for affordable and easy maintenance (see the "Services" menu for details). There are many many factors which determine how long a tatooed eyebrow will last in the dermis. Other factors that affect the longevity are the pigments used, the technique and skill of the technician, the client's skin, as well as their life style (see below).



The following lifestyle factors, may affect the PMU pigment implants in the dermis, with regard to longevity of color, as well as fading:

-THE SUN or tanning beds

-Glycolics or any AHA or BHAs used on the face

-Retinoids & Retinols

-Vitamin C Serums

-Chorinated Swimming Pools

-Any Doctor prescribed medications 

-Exposure to UVA/UVB rays

-Thyroid Issues & medications for Thyroid

-Hormonal Imbalance

-Health issues such as Diabetes

-Cigarette Smoking 

-Excessive Drinking of Alcoholic Beverages

-Taking a daily Baby Aspirin


-Chemical Peels

-Eating processed foods 

-Post Chemo medication such as Tomoxifen

These are the primary reasons for fading pigment or pigment changes over time. PMU can last many years without a touch-up if and only if the treated area is cared for properly, as per my specific Post-Care instructions. The sun (whether it be at the beach, the pool or just waking to your car) is the NUMBER ONE reason that causes pigment to fade or change, therefore, I strongly recommend a daily SPF regime.  After about 6 years, even if the color has not changed, it may fade or lighten. A touch-up session will freshen-up the original color.

Rose is a proud member of the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) and has prestigously earned the title of CPCP (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional). To learn more about the SPCP and their code of ethics, please visit them at

Simulated hair-strokes can be achieved using the "Machine Method" or by using a hand-tool like with "Microblading". What is the difference between Microblading and Machine? NOTHING, its all a tattoo; Microblading is a tattoo and the artist performing this semi-invasive cosmetic procedure must be fully licensed as per their state's legal requirement, in conjunction with its governing Department of Health.

Beauty & Brow Lounge, LLC is a State of Florida, licensed Tattoo Facility which is governed & supervised by the Florida Department of Health.  Rose Prieto is a State Licensed "Tattoo Artist" and runs Beauty & Brow Lounge, LLC as an independent owner & operater.

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