Respect the Brow

Rose's words of brow wisdom 

The elusive eyebrow is complex and mysterious. It is the quintessential thumbprint of the face, framing the face and creating more visual impact than any other feature of the face. Brows are NOT one-size-fits-all, so why on Earth would you use a stencil to fill them in? Each individual is born with a brow GARDEN, therefore, precise and accurate hand-shaping will ensure that only the weeds are removed, not the flowers. I see clients everyday who have brows in "911 Emergency mode", because they once entrusted their precious pillars to the hands of the Kraken; that inexperienced waxer or threader  who transformed their once gloriously-full arches into a mutilated mess. Not may, so called, "Eyebrow Experts"  have an understanding about the complexity of Brow Anatomy, which is absolutely unique to the bearer. OK OK, I know I'm being a bit brow-dramatic, but I can't help myself! Eyebrows are my true my passion; the seed that flourished my beauty business and feeds my creativity every single day.

I only hand tweeze; ONLY. HAND. TWEEZE. It is impossible to maintain the integrity of the eyebrow's true identity unless they are hand-tweezed by someone who undertsands HOW to identify the natural Phi measurement of the individual. I meticulously shape the eyebrows by precisely removing one hair at a time. It is a meticulous process that does not  take 10 minutes, so if you want a 10 minute, $10 eyebrow, go to your local strip-mall-waxer, and leave the Master Brow Shaping to me. As an Electrologist, Esthetician and a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist I am a TRIPLE THREAT, the quintessential expert pertaining to matters of the skin and aesthetic balance, as well as the biology of hair and hair-growth patterns. I can confidently tell you that over-plucked eyebrow hairs eventually do NOT grow back. A lifetime of over-waxing, over-plucking or over-threading can render the hair follicles inactive, resulting in permanent gaps in the brows. Each and every brow has a unique "Brow Anatomy" which I immediately identify in my studio, then map-out it's unique line. Like a thumbprint, no two brows are alike. The eyebrows are comprised of four quadrants, so during my thorough process for shaping, I first identify these four sections, map them out using pigment, then identify what plan of action needs to be executed in order to maintain your eyebrow's integrity. Many times I put clients on a brow-growth plan to encourage growth, to encourage growth within those over-worked areas. The process of hair growth --specifically eyebrow hair-- can be challenging and requires time, patience and commitment. With that said, many clients -despite my brow prescription for growth- have hairs that do not come back, making them a good candidate for Permanent Make-up (PMU), a procedure that I also perform in my studio,will permanently awaken the brows leaving your pencil to collect dust. For more information on PMU, please click on the "Permanent Make-Up" tab above. 

My love affair with eyebrows began as child, where I taught myself how to shape them with those tiny tweezers found in Swiss Army Knives; yes, the ones used to remove splinters! I soon found an old pair of tweezers that my mother had thrown in a drawer (which, to this day, is my most prized beauty tool) and never looked back. I began a tweezing frenzy, shaping the brows of friends and family members alike. When I got to college and studied Theatre and Theatrical Stage Make-up, the long periods of wait-time back stage during productions left me with idle time which soon turned into custom brow-sessions for all the women (and even some men) in the cast. My interest and passion for facial balance grew quickly, and the Theatre became my most valuable instructor. Of all the thousands of hours of training that I have acquired over the years, and all the licenses I possess, the Theatre was the most valuable part of my training. It taught me how to analyze facial angles and how to manipulate the hills, valleys and distinctive features of the face. With the use of shadows and light I have mastered the art of facial balance and contouring; the Eyebrows being the most valuable contour of the face.

I am meticulous and Type-A (to my detriment) and can spend the good part of an hour shaping a brow until it meets my standards of excellence. I am the quintessential perfectionist, but the bearer of the brow WINS because I will NOT allow you to leave my studio until you pass my tough-as-nails brow inspection ;)    ---See you in my studio.  

-CIAO for now xoxo