I am a triple-licensed beauty pro with over 27 years of experience as an Eyebrow Artist, Make-Up Artist & Contouring expert. Although the seeds of my aesthetic roots were born on the stage (as a Theatre Arts major), my licenses in Cosmetic Tattooing (Permanent Makeup), Aesthetics and Electrolosis make me a credible expert in my field as well as a TRUSTED professional to my clients.  My clients know that my Coral Gables studio is THEIRS to enjoy. It is my intention to create a unique and quintessentially luxe Brow & Beauty experience for them, while catering to their specific needs and educating them about their unique aesthetic. Although my passion for EYEBROWS & BEAUTY are unquestionable, I am also a Beauty Blogger, a Beauty Writer,

a Mother and a PASSIONATE Wife  :) 

My ultimate goal is to EMPOWER women by helping them to achieve the BEST version of themselves.......and I am doing that, ONE ARCH AT A TIME. Thank you for visiting my site.

​Much Love, xoxo Rose

I'm passionate about ALL things beauty, but my love affair began with the complex and extraordinary EYEBROW. The brows are the quintessential pillars of the face; no other feature has as much dramatic impact. The brows have the unique ability to tell the unique story of the face. They have lure and mystery. They are unique to the bearer and never one-size-fits-all. My clients trust me with their precious arches because they know that I speak their BROW LANGUAGE. I truly care about the integrity of their eyebrows as much as they do, therefore, whether it's customizing a brow-growth plan, applying a temporary brow stain or performing a custom Permanent Makeup result (whether with my Machine or with a Micro Blade), I always have their best interest at heart. THANK YOU for visiting my site. I hope to see you and your arches soon....CIAO for now!  xoxo

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I was honored to MC the IPCS 2019 event in Miami, Florida!

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